Village of
East Nassau

Gardner Hill Road being re-surfaced 18 September 2014
Gardner Hill Road being re-surfaced 18 September 2014

Department of Public Works

PO Box 268
East Nassau, NY 12062

The Village of East Nassau maintains approximately 3.87 miles of roads through contracted services from local suppliers.  The Department of Public Works, managed by the Public Works Superintendent (PWS) and working with the Village Board and our contractors, ensures that village roads are maintained safely and cost effectively.

The DPW regularly monitors the conditions of village roads and directs work by village contractors to provide maintenance services as needed to maintain the safe conditions for motorists and village residents within the budget constraints imposed by the Village Board. The DPW also identifies and recommends for Board consideration capital construction projects needed to supplement the maintenance efforts required to sustain and improve the village roadways.
Michael Dorr ()
Phone: 518.478.6075
Kevin Warner ()
Phone: 518.567.2350
Historic Road Bid Documents
This links to old road bid documents including bid received for historic pricing information.
2016 Road Bids
This links to the road bids submitted by contractors in response to the 2016 Invitation for Bids.