Village of
East Nassau

A few notes about our minutes:

  1. Minutes entries are in pdf format.  You will need a pdf viewer to read them.  These are available at no charge elsewhere on the Internet.

  2. The minutes are searchable via the Search Website function (look to the menu on the left, below Home Page). 

  3. Not all minutes are available here.  We are still populating this web page and not all the minutes are available in electronic format  (and some, especially older ones, may never be).  We will continue to add documents as they become available and will attempt to keep this current with new minutes moving forward. 

  4. These are not the Village's official record!  Please note that although our intent is to have an accurate record of meetings here, the only official record of Village business is kept by the Village Clerk.  Only the clerk can issue certified minutes of Board proceedings.

  5. As of the 13 March 2013 meeting, voice recordings of meetings are available as well as the written minutes.  These recordings are in mp3 format.