Village of
East Nassau

Public Works Superintendent

1 year


The Village of East Nassau maintains 3.1 miles of roads through contracted services from local suppliers.  The Public Works Superintendent (PWS), working with the Village Board and our contractors, ensures that village roads are maintained safely and cost effectively.


Job Description

The PWS for the Village of East Nassau regularly monitors the conditions of village roads and directs work by village contractors to provide maintenance services as needed to maintain the safe conditions for motorists and village residents within the budget constraints imposed by the Village Board.  The PWS also designs and recommends for Board consideration capital construction projects needed to supplement the maintenance efforts required to sustain and improve the village roadways.



-          Periodically inspects village roadways including surfaces, sub-surfaces, ditches, culverts, and signage to determine when maintenance activity is required to ensure continued safe availability of the roadways;

-          Working closely with Village road contractors, monitors road conditions during weather events to efficiently manage in a cost effective manner efforts to clear surfaces of hazards (snow, ice, fallen trees, pooling water, etc.) that impede safe passage;

-          Prepares capital construction project recommendations for consideration by the board during the annual budget preparation process;

-          Manages contractors in their execution of approved capital construction projects;

-          Assists village officials with the preparation of documentation needed for submission to state and federal agencies for reimbursement of expenses or potential grants when applicable (FEMA, SEMO, CHIP funds, etc):

-          Provide monthly reports of activities and recommendations to the Board by the first of each month for consideration at monthly Board meetings;

-          Assist the board in the development of Requests For Proposals (RFPs) for road maintenance and construction services and the evaluation of bids submitted;

-          Other tasks as assigned from time to time by the Village Board.

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